Since 2012 we have hosted meditation, yoga and other styles of retreats, offering a range of accommodation options and exclusive use of the whole site. This includes the zendo (mediation room), the studio (multipurpose room), the yurt, the library, the 56 hectares of forest for walks and deeper solitude, the river for swimming and cooling down, and much more. 

We can  accommodate up to 20 people comfortably indoors, and up to 25 in the summertime when people can camp outside. We have a fully equipped kitchen where we can prepare three vegetarian or vegan meals per day for your group to enjoy. 

If you are a teacher of meditation, yoga, tai chi, chi kung, or any similar discipline, we would be delighted to welcome you and your group here at Les Gavatxes. Also if you teach painting, drawing, sculpture, writing, singing, or any other creative art form, we are equipped to help you to host a group.


Our facilities:


Our facilities are designed to promote the best conditions for retreats, personal development, rest and transformation. These are: 


  • The zendo (meditation hall): There is a large zendo which can be used for any kind of meditation, yoga, or gentle exercise. This beautiful space can comfortably accommodate up to 20 people for doing any of those activities. The zendo is equipped with meditation cushions, yoga mats and blankets and a bluetooth connection speaker for music should you require it.
  • Fully-equipped kitchen for big groups: We can provide 3 wholesome vegetarian/vegan meals per day from the main kitchen with much of the produce coming from our own organic garden and all other products as far as possible are locally sourced.
  • Studio/Multipurpose room: We are developing a studio space for indoor creative arts, lecturing, workshops, and also for use as a meeting and dining space. So if rain comes at Les Gavatxes, there are plenty of spaces to use indoors!
  • Many outdoor areas for group and individual practice: There are numerous outdoor spaces to inspire creativity and to practice as a group or individually. Also, we are planning to construct an outside meditation and yoga deck (50m2) with the best mountain views of Les Gavatxes.  This will be ready for next season.
  • Library: We are developing a library specialised in spirituality and psychology in the main house for quiet reading. The library also has access to a large south-facing terrace.
  • Wifi: While we encourage people to disconnect from their mobile devices for a while to get the most out of your stay, WiFi is available in each of the accommodations. 
  • Organic Garden: Our vegetable garden will invite you to explore its variety of vegetables and herbs, to sit and enjoy the beautiful views or lend a hand to tend to the plants. 
  • 56 hectares of forest with short walking trails: You are welcome to explore and get immersed in the silence of the forest. There are plenty of enchanting and sacred spots in the state that you can easily access by foot, including the remains of a medieval castle (known as ‘El Castellot’), the river and its streams, and various centenary oaks full of magic and beauty. 
  • Natural pool for bathing: At just 15 min. walk through forest and meadows from the Masía, there is a perfect place for cooling and bathing in the river that flows through the estate.
  • Accommodations for groups up to 20 people: We can  accommodate up to 15 people comfortably indoors, and up to 20 in the summertime when people can camp outside. Click here for information about our accommodations.

If you are interested in bringing a group, please contact us via the contact us page or by emailing, Please include the following information:

  • The type of the retreat you wish to organize
  • Dates you are interested in
  • How many people you estimate to bring

We will be delighted to welcome your group at Les Gavatxes!

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