The land 

The estate is 56 hectares and consists mostly of forest, meadows and two rivers. In the forest there is a ruin of a 12th century castle and other walking paths to discover the land of Les Gavatxes and its natural beauty.

The centre of our activities is in the main square, under a beautiful mulberry tree, our “Tree of Life”, where the main house and kitchen for groups is located. On the North side of the square  is La Cabaña, a former barn that has been transformed into a meditation room on the ground floor, with two apartments above. 

There is also a spacious two bedroom apartment on the side of the main house, a small wooden cabin (the casita) a few minutes walk from the square and further on (about 5 minutes walk), a spacious four bedroom log cabin. There is a camping area with shower, toilet  and simple cooking facilities, for people bringing their own tent in the summer.  

The Zendo 

Close to the main farmhouse and situated in the former barn, is the Zendo, or the meditation room. This space nurtures stillness in its simplicity of design and silent location. It’s open to all our guests so that they have the opportunity to deepen their practice in a calm environment without distractions.

 The organic garden

One of the pillars of Les Gavatxes is the connection and relationship with the land. That is why a good part of our daily life is dedicated to taking care of our organic garden, where you will be able to find all kinds of seasonal vegetables, as well as aromatic herbs and forest fruits.


The Historic  Farmhouse

Les Gavatxes is a traditional Catalan Masía with plenty of history,  built over two hundred years ago it has been lovingly restored and expanded. The Masía is located in  the  beautiful landscapes of La Alta Garrotxa nature reserve with the spectacular medieval village of Beget nearby.

The farmhouse and buildings have been restored and renovated to into a retreat centre for group and individual retreats


The natural pool 

Just within 15-minute walk away, you can reach a natural pool that is inside the property, so you can enjoy bathing in the river on your own or cool off under the shade of the trees.




We are moving towards being self-sufficient energetically. All our electricity comes from solar panels and the water comes from a natural spring in the mountain which has been checked for its quality.  We have an organic vegetable garden and next year we will add a greenhouse giving us a longer growing season.  We have planted twenty fruit trees near the house promising a good selection of home produced fruit in a few years time. 

We do ask guests to use the electricity and water responsibly.


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