Inner Wild Yoga & Meditation Retreat / 6th -10th July 2023

Led by: Julie Tucker


‘When I run after what I think I want ,

my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety,

If I sit in my own place of patience,

what I need flows to me and without pain ,

From this I understand that what I want also wants me ,

is looking for me and attracting me

There is a great secret here for anyone who can grasp it ‘



About the retreat: 

A deepening into being , in deep nature, cradled in the summer mountain landscape.

For your vital essence and renewal , through the gateway of your heart.

Julie invites you on a retreat where body is allowed, a falling into deep rest, a deepening into posture for a deepening into being , rekindling natural vitality , inner strength and deep ease .

A yoga practice inspired by Vanda Scaravelli that cultivates presence, and an orientation to an awakening of the dance of the spine through playful exploration through the asanas, through breathe and simply arriving into meditation.

Silent guided walking meditation and group hiking supporting the nourishment of your inner landscape through deep connection to the land at Les Gavatxes, that stretches up into the forested mountain landscape and down to the river in the valley.

A beautiful time of year to rest in deep nature & open to embrace your connection to life.

An opportunity to sit and listen with your heart at whatever point you are in your life all within the community of the group.

A yoga and meditation practice suitable for all , with or without previous experience.


What we will do: The yoga sessions will begin with a gentle invitation to open up the body and then gently explore and deepen into different postures, breath and deep rest meditation through the 5 days.

Inviting you to embrace much more than just ‘doing’ the posture , nourishing an intuitive practice where we listen to the wisdom of the body : where we are kinder , more patient , more present to ourselves and the body responds by softening, opening and the postures open to us.

With this opening to our deepest nature and deep nurturing of yourself , for the awakening of the seeds of your deepest wishes and the flow of being in love with your life.

A tuning into an inner listening , holding the intention to listen to the seeds of awakening in movement. Allowing deepening into posture to emerge and unfold. Cultivating inner strength, clarity and vitality.

In morning meditation sessions you will be encouraged to lie down to meditate.

The schedule

  • 2 hiking and guided silent group walking meditations will be scheduled according to weather and the group during the 5 days

Thursday 6th July

Start time 4pm

4pm – 5.30pm Registration , Tea , Welcome and practicalities

6.30 – 8pm Opening Circle and Yoga Practice


Friday 7th & Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th

7.00- 8.00 am Early Morning Meditation Lying down

9- 11am yoga practice

11- 12 Free time

12.00 Lunch

Free time

5.00 – 7.00pm Yoga Practice

7.30 pm Dinner



7.00 – 8.00am Early Morning Meditation

9-11.30am Yoga Practice & Closing Circle

12.00 Lunch

13.00 – 14.00 Departures


With plenty of time in the day to enjoy free time , immersed in the inspiring natural surroundings , rest in the gardens, go for a walk  through the forested autumn mountain landscape or to the nearby river.



I will offer short periods of silence to allow an arrival into deep rest and connection. In the surrounds of deep nature , silence is a gateway into deeper connection to presence. Participants often find that rather than shutting out the world the gift of silence offers a discovery of a sense of deeper ease and connection with others and life around.

All yoga and meditation classes will take place in the beautiful  Sala a room with heating to be able to receive groups all year.


Optional therapies

Biodynamic cranio- sacral therapy will be on offer  for an extra cost.



Shared rooms for 2 – 3 people , will be in beautiful apartments or wooden house/ log cabin .


Food is vegetarian and prepared with mostly fresh local  organic ingredients ,  some from the kitchen garden.  Vegan diet and food intolerance included , please make sure to let us know on your registration form.


More information and registration: 

Contact Julie at 672484949 or



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