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Deep Rest Meditation Retreat with Jaya Ashmore / June 22nd – 29th

June 22 @ 5:00 pm - June 29 @ 5:00 pm

Led by: Jaya Ashmore

About the retreat: 

Jaya welcomes people of all levels of experience on this silent week of meditation through
deep rest. Resting is a way of disentangling from stress and discovering aliveness. Literal
rest renews body and mind—unlocking deep resources of healing, learning, and
rejuvenation. Deep rest refreshes the spirit, unloads the mind, and drops us into direct and
non-conceptual awareness. A remembering of what we already are, of what life is.

In the forested hills of the pre-Pyrenees, Jaya will offer embodied, finely-tuned guidance for
lowering our alarm systems and getting in touch with aliveness beyond ideas. In contact with
life, old habit-energies can resolve naturally, without much drama, and we can leave room for
joy and homecoming.

On this retreat, you are welcome to lie down for meditation, and you are free to sit if you
prefer. We will also practice meditation while walking, working, moving and standing. Deep
rest implies trust in one’s own experience and inner guidance—including exploring what best
support depth in meditation.

In an atmosphere of friendly respect, we will enjoy the freedom of full silence, complemented
by guided meditations, teachings, and specific times for questions and sharing. The daily
schedule weaves together meditations in stillness and walking, with meals and rest times.
The retreat also includes several optional activities: one-to-one meetings with Jaya,
meditative movement and singing.

This week in the lush pre-Pyrenees will offer practical guidance as well as support and space
to find out what works well to enrich and empower your own unique path. Jaya offers her
teachings and support on a completely donation basis and there will be the opporutinity to
give donations at the end of the retreat.

About the teacher: 

Jaya Ashmore has taught meditation and awakening to thousands of people in a dozen
countries since 1999. Teacher, artist, and mother, she revolutionized silent retreats by
introducing deep rest meditation in 2000. She has also offered Dharma online since 2010.
Born in the U.S., where she studied religion and art at Harvard, Jaya began practicing
meditation in 1985, and was authorized to teach in 1998. In her teachings, Jaya Ashmore
integrates her own love of meditation—and of life—with deep experience in the traditions of
Buddhism, yoga, Advaita (non-duality), Christianity and Hindu mysticism, as well as ecology,
poetry, embodied movement, and the Japanese art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Based in India with her teachers for two decades, Jaya founded the nonprofit Open Dharma
to support awakening in thousands of people from any and no religion. She is also grateful to
have co-founded and run Open Dharma in Catalonia and, from 2008-2016, the eco-retreat
center Dharmaloca in Catalonia, Spain.



June 22 @ 5:00 pm
June 29 @ 5:00 pm
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